Corporate/Group Sponsorship

To sign up as a Patron, please download the Donation Form and mail the completed form to Fund-raising Division, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. For more details, please contact our staff at 2859 7511/ 2859 7460.


Signing up as Patron

(Amount HK$)

Team participation

To Receive a Souvenir at Ceremony

Company Logo/Name to be Acknowledged*

Complimentary naming of

Complimentary bus body advertisement on designated bus route

Complimentary designated booth

Complimentary advertisement board along the race course

Complimentary advertisement in the souvenir programme

Acknowledgement in the Event Press Release and Annual Report

Souvenir Programme


Obstacle Patron
($200,000 or more)

10 teams
(Max. 40 players)

1 page

1 Obstacle Point ★

4 pieces

1 page

Cup Patron
($128,000 or more)

7 teams
(Max. 28 players)

1 Cup ★



3 pieces

Event T-shirt Patron
($100,000 or more)

6 teams
(Max. 24 players)

Event T-shirt ✦


Diamond Patron
($100,000 or more)

6 teams
(Max. 24 players)


2 pieces

Gold Patron
($68,000 or more)

4 teams
(Max. 16 players)

1/2 page

1 piece

Team Patron
($20,000 or more)

1 team
(Max. 4 players)


Name Acknowledgement

1 piece


★ To name an Obstacle point/a Cup (to be assigned by organizer)
✦ Logo acknowledgement
* Order and brand feature of the acknowledgement will be arranged according to the patronage.